Band$ // Monthly Money Pull-Up:

$100-350+ Monthly* — This is a monthly retainer service that allows us to tackle the following topics:

  • Credit Repair

  • Saving

  • Credit Education

  • Budgeting

  • Debt Reduction + Management

  • Investing + Financial Growth

  • ( insert your need here)

Initially there will be a 30 minute session to audit your currently financial pause. From there an action plan (+ fee) will be mapped out. There will be bi-weekly 1 -hour chats and homework.

*This rate is variable by need and timeline.

Band$ // Portfolio Pulse:

Fee: $75/ Quarterly — I become the nosy neighbor to your portfolio (investment and 401k/retirement) and give you insight on what to possibly change to see some gains!

Brands //Brand Audit x Feedback:

Variable hourly rate —  The fee will be determined by scope of work. Within this service I will conduct an audit of your brand and determine if there are any gaps. This audit would be your reflection of what you envision your brand to be and how it aligns with what you are currently.

Brands// Career Level Up:

Variable hourly rate —  In this personal branding service, I will coach you what how to scale where you currently are to where you want to be. No matter if you are a professional or entrepreneur - you need to be able to pitch your purpose and align your level of asset to your company or industry. Being able to unlock your ‘it’ factor is critical to promotion or thought leadership. The fee will be determined by scope of work.

Brands // Idea to Income:

New Service coming December 2018!

Do you have this grand idea of a product, business or concept, yet lack the insight on what bring that to life would look like? Ask me. I have given people ideas that generated income for years. With this service I break down your audience and how to launch it - along with everything in between!

Band$ // Funnel Yo Funds*

$ 100 per level (1 on 1 via in-person or video/phone) —  Funnel Yo Funds is about taking your current income and funneling down to understand and succeed at investing! Understand the lingo and leverage your funds.

Level 1: Understanding your investment style, terminology and how the market works. Also observing what you are currently doing with your portfolio. Developing a list of companies that align with your goals, etc. (1.5 hours)

Level 2: Now that you got the foundation together, we can build higher. From showing how to research investment options via the markets to configuring what investment platform works for your investing style. I even help you set up your account and make a contribution plan via income/saving, etc. (1.5 hours)

Level 3: After you have been investing for a while (3 months) we will then chat about income, Diversification and asset allocation. Streaming for long term growth. (1.5 hours)

*Build your own session option is available as well!

Band$ //Generational Gains - Custodial/ Children Financial Planning*

2 sessions, $200. Quarterly check-ins included.

Generational wealth is one of the many things lacking in our culture. Let’s face it - you do good just to make sure that your children have the basic necessities! As the saying goes - it takes a village to rise a child. So from creating a financial plan for them - we will partner to create levels that will impact their adulthood along with future generations.

With our sessions, we will determine what you are currently doing in connection with your goals. From there create a plan of action to scale those dreams into manifestation. No matter if your kids are still bumping in your tummy or about to become freshman in college - it is never too late to start!

*Build your own session option is available as well!

Brands // Brand Revamp + Execution:

Variable hourly rate —  If your business is finding itself in a plateau within your brand, let’s pair up to understand what needs to be updated or thrown away. Doing this shows that your vision can always be enhanced. The great companies of our time have re-branded, so you are in perfect company. I’ve done this consistently in my career - let me apply pressure to your growth. The fee will be determined by scope of work.

Brands // Platform. Position. Pivot:

New Service coming January 2019!