Offering Statement


Why these topics + why now?

Over the years I have been known to take the hard topics and condense them down to make sense. Professionally my insight into how consumers digest content and information has translated into make more conversational campaigns vs the bait/switch method.

On the flip side - money stressors has been one that I have viewed my entire life. My culture has been one that has been seen as the core demographics that companies market towards to gain revenue. While that is cute - the net worth of that same demographic is one that disheartening. In the times of information - some of the information does not match common speak. Jargon has us remaining in Jordans and not holding joint or multiple accounts.

My personal change is the change the landscape of both brands and bands. As a Marketer: to change how businesses and corporations yield realistic content and reach. As a Money Maker: to take a holistic approach to making the coin change in the hands of the culture for the better.

My Commitment

To share what I know and consistently learn more to be able to pour more into others.