Do you answer one - off questions?

Of course I do! I’m here to align people with their goals. I offer a free 20-minute chat for 1st time folks to ask me questions. In those 20 minutes I will listen to your questions, analyze it and flip a action-packed solution for you to get in formation. Now, if this isn’t your 1st time chatting with me - check out my services to see if any fit your needs for growth. Invest in your solution.

Do you only consult about $?*

Absolutely not! I also help marketers, freelancers, professionals and businesses develop strategies in areas such as marketing, digital, customer experience and more! I also chat with people constantly on their business ideas and develop them into income builders. I’m a multifaceted unicorn.

*My experience in money comes from my upbringing, work within financial services, my personal mess ups and also failing up on the Series 6 certification test.

What can I expect with your services?

After you schedule your session - you will receive an e-mail from me confirming our chat. From there you will find a series of questions based upon your service/plan. After our session you will receive another e-mail from me outlining our chat and then additional suggestions, action steps and resources to place you closer to your goals. You also have the opportunity to ask me questions to your questions (if that makes sense ).

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Are results guaranteed? While I can coach you on things or ‘tings’ like Marketing + Money, this is a partnership. You have to do the work to see it werk. Simple.