They call me Billie….

No matter if you are a business owner or a professional - creating and owning your brand is more than the shiny things that people can see. It is a collective effort to build context about the solution you offer aligned to your audience’s need. Breaking down various aspects allows your brand to go beyond the pretty to be of purpose.

From my experience with building and brands corporately for over a decade - I know how to gasp the purpose of a brand and align it for market. One thing that I know from building campaigns and product launches for brands that have yielded over a billion dollars (just in the past 5 years) - analyzing and auditing your audience to your offering is what will set you apart.  Want to see more? Check out my LinkedIn.

No matter if that has been through product development, launch strategy, digital/social media and other elements - my mental scalability has been the key determining factor of how my success record has came to be.

Think about it - Apple has minimizing branding elements yet is worth billions. If corporations can build products and brands that impact, influence and yield revenue - why can’t you?

…. and Corporate!

…. and Corporate!

If you own a business or startup - you are seeking the best ways to create or revamp your company brand and marketability. My experience for working with revamping a once thriving product to generate $100M in less than 6 months, can show you how to scale those efforts to within your footprint.

Let’s work together to bring that to life.

If you are a company seeking stellar marketing talent, check out my experience.


Are you an entrepreneur? Don’t build up your company and forget to shape who you are as a thought leader within your industry. Being able to brand yourself within the business that you have cultivated will allow you to connect with not only your audience, but also investors. You are a force within your company - don’t hide behind it.

Even as a professional - you have to curate a personal brand that speaks to why your insight, skill set and experience can go beyond the job description of your next role. The career market is ever changing - so understanding how to level your presence to match your preference is key. Trust me, I get it.