Werk the Work…

Werk: I have the charm of a Southerner and the work ethic to match my Dutch-based last name. I have worked within the marketing landscape for over 12 years within the areas of Digital, Social Media, Strategy, etc. My  ‘wit and grit’ persona has allowed me to work with various of companies and create experiences which all have generated revenue, brand growth and reach. In the last 6 years alone - my leadership over campaigns +launches have produced over $1B+ in revenue and press (New York Times, Adage,etc).

My Core: Our culture speaks to our family being the foundation and/or background of who we are. This is true for me being that my Mother ignited by love for Marketing and Commercials while my Dad is the fuel for my appreciation of Money/Investing. And my oldest Sister is the core of my thoroughness.

My Why: I started Brands and Band$ due to my love of both Marketing and Money. My righteously ratchet approach to talking about both are my calling card for connecting with my tribe! To sum it up – I’m big on holistic branding and culture-infused talks about money. Sort of like the cool- nerdy relative that you come to for advice… while leaving with a bible verse or culture-infused song lyric or petty laugh laced with sound advice when you leave me. I started my blog + services based upon feedback that I would get and my desire to make sure that not only does “The Culture” doesn’t only have a Trillion Dollar (+) spending power, but also the wealth to match!

My Audience: The nucleus of audiene are those who are within “The Culture” or connects with it. We all want to know which way to pivot our brands and our brand$. From business owners to those trying to keep hold of our personal business, we all need the tools to cut the debt and gain the check.

What am I doing, tho? I am currently a corporate ladder climbing + budding serial entrepreneur still looking for my landing spot in the world.

“You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe.”

― Oprah Winfrey



One of my favorite ways to connect with people - no matter if it is corporate or culture - is through either funny meme or gif. Laughter is the melting pot that brings it all together. Gifs and memes are a explain and connect with whatever topic you are focusing on. Gifs are the gift that keeps on giving and memes make impact.

LISA $.gif


Money. Smoney. Coint.

The term has so many cheeky titles known around the globe. But the levels of money - from mindset to making it to growing it cultivates where our levels of perspective change. My experience of money started when I learned about it from my parents and later being unemployed with bank accounts being in the almost double negative. The fail - ups or eff ups I have experienced have allowed me to speak currency fluently and help others gather themselves accordingly.

wolf on walstreet.gif


I have been within the field of marketing for nearly 12 years (flips calendar). From freelancing to financial services - my experience has granted me the opportunity to consistently scale my career. Curating holistic conversational campaigns to strategic customer experience has produced results that transcended the corporate norm. I am always one to pull influences from other areas to change the tone of how brands and corporations connect and convert their audience base.