Being Broke + Broken…

I have the charm of a Southerner and the work ethic a dutch-based last name. I have worked within the marketing landscape for over 12 years within the areas of Digital, Social Media, Strategy/Execution, etc. The ‘wit and grit’ persona has allowed me to work with various of companies and create experiences which all have generated revenue, brand growth and reach. In the last 5 years alone - my leadership over campaigns +launches have produced over $1B+ in revenue and press (New York Times, Adage,etc).

This website hosts her love for and experience in things Brands + Bands - holistic branding and culture-infused talks about money. While being able to translate those key things and more - it has made me relatable to my audience. Sort of like the cool- nerdy relative that you come to for advice… while leaving with a bible verse or culture-infused song lyric or petty laugh laced with sound advice when you leave me.

I am currently a corporate ladder climbing + budding serial entrepreneur still looking for my landing spot in the world.

“You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe.”

― Oprah Winfrey



One of my favorite ways to connect with people - no matter if it is corporate or culture - is through either funny meme or gif. Laughter is the melting pot that brings it all together. Gifs and memes are a explain and connect with whatever topic you are focusing on. Gifs are the gift that keeps on giving and memes make impact.

LISA $.gif


Money. Smoney. Coint.

The term has so many cheeky titles known around the globe. But the levels of money - from mindset to making it to growing it cultivates where our levels of perspective change. My experience of money started when I learned about it from my parents and later being unemployed with bank accounts being in the almost double negative. The fail - ups or eff ups I have experienced have allowed me to speak currency fluently and help others gather themselves accordingly.

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I have been within the field of marketing for nearly 12 years (flips calendar). From freelancing to financial services - my experience has granted me the opportunity to consistently scale my career. Curating holistic conversational campaigns to strategic customer experience has produced results that transcended the corporate norm. I am always one to pull influences from other areas to change the tone of how brands and corporations connect and convert their audience base.